How to Play:


Playing bingo is quite a simple process and it takes next to no time to learn the game and pick it up like a pro. Best of all, online bingo is even simpler! You never have to worry about calling BINGO (well unless you want to announce it to the chat room) as the software automatically calls bingo for you and awards you the prize. This means that you can take that tea or toilet break and there are no worries.

The goal of bingo is to mark off a complete line or table of numbers. The numbers are randomly selected from a random number generator which guarantees that every one has a fair chance at winning.  The two versions of bingo that are generally offered online are:

75 Ball Bingo - It's a 5 x 5 grid ticket with a free square in the middle.


90 Ball Bingo -  A ticket with 3 rows each with 5 numbers, out of a total potential of 90 numbers. Win prizes with 1 line, two lines, or a full house (all the numbers).

Jackpots are also awarded if you can hit bingo (Getting all the numbers) within a certain number of called numbers.

As you can see playing bingo is quite simple and allows you the opportunity to win money while meeting new people and chatting with old friends in the highly interactive communities.

The best bingo site is currently: Cyber Bingo.